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    Iconic Wild White Horses

    In Camargue, South of France with Janette Hill & Serge Krouglikoff
    • £2,651 /person
    • Deposit
    • Location
      Camargue, South of France
    • Dates
      August 31st, 2022 - September 4th, 2022
    • Duration
      5 days & 4 nights
    • Leader
      Janette Hill & Serge Krouglikoff
    • Group Size
      Maximum of 8
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    Workshop Overview

    The Camargue region of the South of France is famous for the beautiful White Horses that roam the area. You will not need to be a horse lover to be transfixed whilst watching and photographing this world renowned and noble breed splashing through the shallow waters of the marshlands, lakes and the ocean. When in season we can photograph Mares and Foals and also the Guardians (French Cowboys) working with the horses in their natural habitat. You will not be disappointed with the stunning results you can capture on camera.

    All shoots are taken in the early morning and early evening, dawn and dusk, to ensure that we do not miss the spectacular light and different backdrops. The Camargue is a haven for any lover of nature and the wild. It is situated on the coast of Southern France and consists of wonderfully unspoiled wetlands, natural lakes and marshland and exceptional wildlife.

    Designed for every level of photography from beginners up to experienced amateurs and professionals, the courses are run on a relaxed and informal manner with the emphasis on everyone gaining the maximum benefit from the small sized group. Both Janette and Serge participate in the whole course so we are on hand to help and assist at all times if required.

    This course is the only one located in the Camargue itself so we are spoiled with the most genuine and local contacts you could hope to have. We have exclusive access to private land where no other company, nor the public have access. We are also the only company who organises many horse shoots (with more drives per shoot) in different locations and with different compositions. We also include opportunities to shoot the feisty stallions. Shoots will be on the beach with a single stallion (white and black running on the beach and rearing on the dunes) and the other with 2 sparring stallions in order to capture them entwined at full height.

    For those that wish to we can also help out with Lightroom. Serge will show you how to develop and enhance your image from the RAW format.

    You also do not need to be interested in photography for this trip. We can arrange other activities for you. Please just ask. We are happy to help.

    What You'll Learn

    • Improve your photography skills
    • Learn about histograms and correct exposure
    • Learn about aperture / shutter priority
    • Compositional skills
    • Learn about the amazing Wild White Horses of the Camargue

    Workshop In Detail

    After collection from the airport you will settle into your 3 star hotel in the medieval town of Aigues Mortes (pronounced egg-mort), unpack and unwind. You will have time to explore the streets of this city that lie within the mile long rampart walls.

    We will then meet for a welcome drink and a chat. At this meeting Serge will talk about the horses and provide examples of images that you will be able to achieve. We can have an informal group dinner together also (optional)

    For the next 3 days we will photograph groups of white horses running i various location including through the marsh and on the beach heading straight towards you and your camera. It is an exhilarating experience. Several drives take place to enable you to practice your photographic skills both technical and compositional.

    We have another session with horses running together through the shallow waters of the salt lakes near the sea. After the action we all have the chance to take portraits of the horses on their own or in small groups. They are very friendly. We can also customised drives so that if you wish we can request that the horses are run in a formation of your choice, either a single horse or a pair to star on their own. We have 7 shoots in total. We have 2 shoots on the beach with a single stallion. 1 is a black stallion and 1 is a white stallion. The stallions will run in the sand dunes and in the sea. Also the white stallion will rear in the sand dunes, an amazing sight. This is simply a unique and fantastic experience.

    For the last evening/day we can have a group closing dinner at a typical Camargue restaurant (optional).


    • Exclusive access to private land unavailable to anyone else
    • 3 Camargue horse shoots with several drives per shoot in different locations and compositions
    • 2 Camargue horse shoots on the beach/in the sea/at the lagoon
    • 1 shoot wth sparring stallions
    • 1 shoot with beautiful a black stallion and white stallion running and rearing on the dunes
    • Transfers from Airport to hotel and return
    • Accommodation in 3 star hotel in Aigue Mortes, on a B&B basis
    • Welcome Drink
    • Entrance Fees
    • All transfers throughout your stay
    • Guiding fees
    • Photographic Tuition


    • Flights
    • Travel Insurance
    • Items of a personal nature
    • Lunches and evening meals

    Workshop Itinerary

    Please note: Sometimes the itinerary may change but this will not interfere with game viewing and photography opportunities!

    Day 1

    • We will collect you at the airport and take you to your hotel
    • Arrive at hotel in Aigue Morte
    • Unpack, unwind and chill out
    • Explore the medieval city of Aigue Morte
    • Welcome drink and briefing
    • Group dinner at local bistro (optional)

    Day 2

    • At dawn we photograph a stallion running along the white sand and in and out of the sea. He will also be rearing on the dunes
    • We have several shoots with the amazing stallion
    • Evening session taking photographs of the white horses running through the shallow waters of the marsh
    • After the action we take images of the horses on their own or in small groups, silhouetted against the sunset
    • We take several images of the Guardians (Camargue Cowboys) dressed in their traditional shirts, trident in hand, surrounded by the herd

    Day 3

    • At dawn we photograph a the horses running through the lakes in a different location. single white stallion in the sea and in the sand dunes
    • In the afternoon we go to a new location and photograph the white horses running along golden sands and in the sea
    • Capture images of the horses at sunset

    Day 4

    • At dawn we photograph the white horses galloping through the marshes
    • Late afternoon, we are back at the beach for more shoots of the white horses in the lagoon and on the beach running along the golden sands and in the surf, amazing!

    Day 5

    • At dawn we photograph sparring stallions. This is a unique opportunity to see the horses entwined at full height with their manes flying
    • Breakfast at hotel with time to explore the beautiful walled town of Aigues Morte. Glorious views from the ramparts and many tiny streets will provide many photographic opportunities.
    • We then transfer to airport to return home

    Important Notes

    • Sometimes the itinerary will alter. This will not affect the photographic opportunities!
    • You will have 7 shoots throughout your trip.
    • Many are on the sandy beaches and lakes
    • The other shoots will be with herds of white horses in different marshes and lagoons.

    Workshop FAQs

    Where do we stay?

    We stay in the beautiful 3 star hotel, Les Arcades, based within the old city ramparts of Aigue-Mortes. The hotel is an impressive 16th Century house steeped in history.

    How close do I get to the horses?

    When shooting the horses you can get quite close. We will stand in the marshes (wearing waders) and the horses will run either parallel to us or directly towards us. When the horses are resting we are able to walk up to them for close up images and can touch and cuddle them! They really are a friendly and biddable breed.

    What cameras do I need?

    Any camera will work, the best camera is the one that you have with you at the time. Lenses recommended are 24-70mm and 70-200mm. You will use these focal lens for the majority of the shoots. You may need a longer focal length for the sparring stallion shoot as we will be standing further back from them when they are sparring. Anything up to 400mm will be good. Alternatively you can use your 70-200mm lens and then crop your image afterwards.

    Can I hire waders?

    Yes! You will need to wear these in the marsh and lagoon shoots. We just need details of your foot size in order that we can prepare for your arrival.

    Where do we fly to?

    Montpellier airport with Easyjet. The flight leaves from London Gatwick.

    How long is the flight?

    One and a half hours.

    How long is the transfer time?

    About 30 minutes from pick up to the hotel.

    When do I eat?

    We will have breakfast either before each morning shoot or afterwards depending on the shoot and the location. This varies also from trip to trip depending on the time of year and the light. Throughout the day you are free to wander the city of Aigues-Morte for lunch at the many restaurants and bistros.

    A full list of recommendations will be given to you in your welcome pack. Evening meal will also be dependant on the time of year of your visit. In later months you will be able to have dinner after your evening shoot. In the summer the sunset is late so the evening shoots are later and finish later so you may chose to eat before the shoot!

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