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    Fantastic Falkland Islands

    In Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) with Janette Hill
    • £8,500.00 /person
    • Deposit
    • Location
      Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
    • Dates
      December 18th, 2024 - January 7th, 2025
    • Duration
      22 days
    • Leader
      Janette Hill
    • Group Size
      Maximum 4 including Janette
    Fully Booked

    Photography Experience Overview

    Join Janette on an extended tour of the Falkland Islands exploring and photographing the flora and fauna of this amazing archipelago.

    We will arrive at Mount Pleasant Airport on 19 December and after an overnight stay in a hotel at Port Stanley will then begin our tour of 6 locations around the Falkland Islands to maximise our range and variety of photographic opportunities.

    We will visit Pebble Island, Sea Lion Island, Bleaker Island, Hill Cove, Saunders Island and Volunteer Point. With this tour we should see all 5 species of penguins (King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Macaroni and Magellanic) plus many species of birds including colonies of Black-browed Albatross, Caracara, gulls, shags, oystercatchers, snipe, geese, ducks, grebes, plover, arctic skua and petrels to name just a few. There are photographic opportunities everywhere on these magical islands.

    Photography Experience In Detail

    After our arrival at Mount Pleasant we will transfer to Port Stanley for a night in central Stanley. After breakfast the next day we will transfer to Stanley Airport to catch our FIGAS flight to Pebble Island for 4 nights. Here we will have 2 full day tours and time to stay at our preferred locations on other days. This island has one of the largest colonies of Rockhopper Penguins in the Falkands. There are approximately 5200 pairs. They are constantly on the move and you will be able to spend time waiting for the moment to obtain your perfect image.

    On Christmas Eve we will catch our FIGAS flight to Sea Lion Island where we stay until 27 December. This is a designated National Nature Reserve with Elephant Seals and the Southern Sea Lion. Pods of Orcas are sometimes seen hunting the sea lions. The island also has 3 species of penguin, 5 species of birds of prey and 47 different species of breeding birds.

    Our next flight takes us to Bleaker Island for two nights with ponds, Imperial Cormorants and more rockhopper colonies. The beaches here are beautiful. We will hopefully have the use of a vehicle on this island to explore it fully. From here we move to Hill Cove, (by FIGAS flight) where we will be amazed at the wildlife around us including Gentoo Penguins, Elephant Seals, Southern Sea Lions, Fur Seals and Black-browed Albatross. Hill Cove is off the Tourist Trail so we will have the wildlife all to ourselves.

    On New Years Eve we leave Hill Cove to fly to Saunders Island. We will spend 2 nights at The Neck and 2 nights at The Rookery. This island is a photographers paradise, natural scenic beauty and an abundance of captivating wildlife. It is here that you have the opportunity to see the famous penguin shower where rockhopper penguins and albatros share a small waterfall to clean themselves.

    From Saunders we fly to Stanley where we will transfer to Volunteer Point and spend 2 nights in the Wardens Cottage. Volunteer Point has the largest concentration of breeding King Penguins. This place is a trip highlight. King Penguins can be photographed on the beach. at sunrise and sunset, in the colony and there will be many inquisitive chicks to see also. It is simply a wonderful experience to be so close to the penguins here.

    After 2 nights here we will transfer back to Stanley ready for our flight home on 7 January.


    - FIGAS flights
    - All Transfers
    - All meals whilst on the Islands
    - Breakfast only when in Stanley
    - Guided Tours
    - Hints and tips for photography


    - International Flight to/from Mount Pleasant via MOD service from Brize Norton
    - Insurance
    - Evening meals and lunch when in Port Stanley
    - Items of a personal nature
    - Departure Tax from Mount Pleasant (Currently £26 per person)

    Photography Experience Itinerary

    Please note: Sometimes the itinerary may change but this will not interfere with game viewing and photography opportunities!

    Day 1 18 Dec

    • Travel to Brize Norton for late evening/early morning flight

    Day 2 19 Dec

    • Arrive Mount Pleasant
    • Transfer to Hotel Malvina
    • Breakfast included only

    Day 3 20 Dec

    • Breakfast
    • Transfer to Stanley Airport
    • FIGAS Flight to Pebble Island
    • Spent time exploring our location
    • All meals included

    Day 4 21 Dec

    • Full Day Tour of Island
    • All meals included

    Day 5 22 Dec

    • Full day Tour of Island
    • All meals included

    Day 6 23 Dec

    • Drop off and pick up from a location of our choice
    • All meals included

    Day 4 24 Dec

    • Beakfast
    • FIGAS flight to Sea Lion Island
    • Explore Sea Lion Island
    • All meals included

    Day 5 25 Dec

    • Explore Sea Lion Island
    • All meals included

    Day 6 26 Dec

    • Explore Sea Lion Island
    • All meals included

    Day 7 27 Dec

    • Breakfast
    • FIGAS flight to Bleaker Island
    • All meals included

    Day 8 28 Dec

    • Orientation Tour of Island
    • Explore Bleaker Island
    • All meals included

    Day 9 29 Dec

    • Breakfast
    • FIGAS flight to Hill Cove

    Day 10 30 Dec

    • Full day tour to Grave Cove to visit Albatross and penguin colonies
    • All meals included

    Day 11 31 Dec

    • Breakfast
    • FIGAS Flight to Saunders Island
    • Stay at The Neck
    • All meals included

    Day 12 1 Jan

    • Explore the Neck
    • All meals included

    Day 13 2 Jan

    • Transfer to the Rookery
    • Explore the Rookery
    • All meals included

    Day 14 3 Jan

    • Explore the Rookery
    • All meals included

    Day 15 4 Jan

    • Breakfast
    • FIGAS Flight to Stanley
    • Transfer to Volunteer Point
    • Explore Volunteer Point
    • All meals included

    Day 16 5 Jan

    • Explore Volunteer Point
    • All meals included

    Day 17 6 Jan

    • Breakfast
    • Transfer to Stanley
    • Overnight Stanley
    • Breakfast included

    Day 18 7 Jan

    • Breakfast
    • Transfer to Mount Pleasant Airport
    • Fly home
    • Meals after breakfast not included

    Day 19

    • Arrive home

    Photography Experience FAQs

    What does FIGAS stand for?

    Falkland Islands Government Air Service

    How do you travel to the Falklands?

    The recommended route from the UK is with an MOD flight from Brize Norton in Oxfordshire

    How much is the flight?

    In 2022 it was £2222.00 per person

    Are flights easy to book?

    They are reasonably easy to book. You need to follow a procedure to reserve a seat on the aircraft.

    What is the weather like at this time?

    It varies! You will need to pack clothes for all conditions. It can be windy at times but it also can be gloriously hot when all you need is a T shirt or light jacket to wear. It can also be very cold so you will need gloves and a hat at times.

    What is the accommodation like?

    This varies from Hotels to lodges and also the Wardens House. On some Islands we will self cater but all food is provided so will will not go hungry.

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