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    Zimanga Private Game Reserve

    In Zululand, near Durban, South Africa with Janette Hill
    • £4,750.00 /person
    • Price
      Price for 2025 tour is £7250.00 (it is a longer tour!!)
    • Deposit
    • Location
      Zululand, near Durban, South Africa
    • Dates
      November 23rd, 2024 - December 2nd, 2024
      November 1st, 2025 - November 11th, 2025
      These dates include travel time at each end of the experience
    • Duration
      10 days
    • Leader
      Janette Hill
    • Group Size
      4 max (including Janette)
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    Photography Experience Overview

    Zimanga is built on conservation of the land, eco-system and all forms of life resident in the private reserve. It is simply an amazing place to visit and photograph wildlife in their natural environment as they go about their daily activities and lives. We will spend our time at Zimanga with a mix of game drives and hide sessions, including overnight hides, to maximise photographic opportunities each day. We may also have the chance to walk with Cheetahs.

    Zimanga is famous for its hides that are all designed by wildlife photographers. Many are located underground so that you are able to obtain low level images, often with a wide angle lens like the images of the white rhinos above and elephant below. The lagoon hide is fabulous for images of waders, herons and other birds hunting for fish. You may also see crocodiles at close range knowing that you are 100% safe inside the hide. All hides are provided with tripods and gimbal heads for you to mount your cameras and lenses. There are other hides around also to photograph vultures and other scavengers. Game drives are included also to see the large number of healthy white rhinos, lions and cheetah. You may also see leopard. Finally there is a large herd of elephants in the reserve plus numerous warthogs, black backed jackals, mongoose, giraffes and birds in the reserve.

    Photography Experience In Detail

    We will arrive in Durban and transfer to our hotel for one night before transferring by road to the reserve the next day in time for lunch and our first activity, normally a game drive.

    For the rest of our time at Zimanga our time will be mixed between game drives, hide sessions and a minimum of two overnight hide sessions. The images above and below were taken from the Lagoon hide a purpose built low level hide where you are at eye level with the water allowing you to obtain amazing images of waterfowl that visit the lagoon. Game drives will take us to see and photograph elephants, giraffe, white rhino, hippos, lions, cheetahs and if we are lucky leopard.

    The overnight hides are lit at night which enables us to obtain images of all animals that may visit at night for water. We will enter the overnight hides at about 3pm and remain in the hides until 8am the next morning. The overnight hides are extremely comfortable with bunk beds, a kitchen, toilet facilities and a supply of food, hot drinks and water. As a small group we will be in the hide together and so will be able to work together to obtain great images as the animals come and go. There are chances to capture images in daylight at dawn and dusk as well as through the night. Upon return to the main camp in the morning we are welcomed with a hearty breakfast!

    Photography Experience Itinerary

    Please note: Sometimes the itinerary may change but this will not interfere with game viewing and photography opportunities!

    Day One

    • Depart UK for Durban via Joburgh

    Day Two

    • Arrive in Durban
    • Transfer to our Hotel in Durban
    • Lunch and Dinner in Durban at local establishments within walking distance from our Hotel

    Day Three

    • Breakfast then road transfer to Zimanga Private Game Reserve
    • Lunch in camp
    • Afternoon Game Drive
    • Dinner

    Day Four

    • Game drive
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Overnight hide
    • Dinner provided in overnight hide

    Day Five

    • Arrive back in camp for breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Hide or Game Drive
    • Dinner

    Day Six

    • Hide or Game Drive
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Overnight hide
    • Dinner provided in overnight hide

    Day Seven

    • Arrive back in camp for breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Hide or Game Drive
    • Dinner

    Day Eight

    • Hide or Game Drive
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Hide or Game Drive

    Day Nine

    • Hide or Game Drive (dependant on time of flights)
    • Transfer to Durban Airport
    • Travel home

    Day 10

    • Arrive back in UK

    Photography Experience FAQs

    Where do we stay in Durban?

    We will overnight at the Fairlight Beach House which is located by the coast. It is luxury beachfront accommodation with a warm welcome and a good breakfast the next morning before we transfer to Zimanga.

    Is it safe in Durban?

    We will be transferred directly to the Fairlight Beach House which is clean and safe for long walks along the beach even when it is dark.

    What do we do about lunch and dinner in Durban?

    Lunch and Dinner in Durban is not included in the cost of this experience. We will visit a local cafe for lunch (fabulous food and drinks there) and a local restaurant for dinner (also good food and drinks). These you will need to pay for yourself but the costs are reasonable and credit cards are accepted.

    What currency do I need?

    US$ are universal currency these days and South Africa is no exception. South African Rand is local and can be used also. Credit cards are accepted in supermarkets and in the lodge. US$ in cash are useful for tipping and gratuities.

    How long is the flight?

    This is about 14 hours including a stop in Joburgh for a connecting flight to Durban. This is from London and with British Airways. There are currently no direct flights to Durban from the UK. Flights are also available from Manchester and Birmingham.

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    We're here to help and are happy to answer any questions you may have, any time!

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